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Frequently asked questions

What is Inlokality Private Access?

Inlokality Private Access is a private local network that connects members through the Inlokality Mobile Application.

  • Every member signs up, selects the geographic area that is important to them and selects a list of skills or interests that they have.
  • When another member creates a post it is sent directly to members who match the location and skill/interests.
How would a business network use Inlokality Private Access?

Your network spends a lot of time building contacts, but after each meeting very few of them continue. By signing your business network up for Inlokality Private Access, you are giving them a powerful tool to connect long after the meeting is over. When a business opportunity happens it is recorded and sent to another team member in real time.

Because your network is private, only members of your group have full access to those opportunities making it a great recruitment tool for your network.

How would a business use Inlokality Private Access?

Businesses spend a lot of time and money handing out business cards and attending meetings to promote their business to other businesses, but what happens after each meeting?

Nearly 90% of all business cards are thrown away within a week. Costing an average of nearly $200 a year.

We have short memories and if we do not need a service when we meet another business we quickly forget. Inlokality Private Access converts a business group into a powerful business team. As the team grows, every member gains access to every other members skills in an easy to use interface. In the end, every business can gain contacts, find business opportunities and make gaining business easier.

Business moves fast, making referrals needs to happen just as fast.

I downloaded Inlokality, but my feed is empty, did I do something wrong?

No, Inlokality is not a social media application. It does not have an endless feed and does not have advertisements. It is closer to an advanced version of the phone book. We do not want to spam your inbox. You will only get messages when they match your profile. When a message matches your profile we will send you an instant notice to your phone or an email depending on how your profile is setup.

What is Inlokality?

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