Bob and Sue

Bob Discovers Inlokality

Always Local

A private network designed to make business to business networking easier

Simple Setup

Simple mobile application connects all members of the team to quickly connect.

Private Access

You spend a lot of time and effort building your business networks. Staying in contact with that network should be easy.

Forget The Business Cards

Instant access to your Business Team without any contact information needed. Just select the skills you need to find the right person on your team.

Create a private business network built exclusively for your networking group.

Instantly notify your team of possible business leads without searching for business cards, phone numbers or email addresses.

Inlokality Private Access gives you a mobile network built for your business team.

Built on the Inlokality platform.

Inlokality was designed to quickly connect local members based on a need for help or a common interested. Inlokality Private Access creates a unique instance of the application for your team.


Giving you the power to access your business network anytime.


Business moves fast

Private Access allows your business group to stay connected so you don't miss any leads.


No searching for names, emails, or phone numbers.

The entire team stays connected based on their skills making it easy to get business done!


Built on the nationwide Inlokality network.

As your business network grows it gains access to an ever growing community of business professionals.


Forget the business cards

More than 88% of business cards are thrown away every week!

Keep your team connected.

Admin Council

Master administration Council to control all of the members of your business network


Every team member downloads Inlokality to their phone.

Private Access Code

Give the team your unique private access code


Your business network now has the power to instantly convert leads into wins

A network built just for your team - Start Today!
Business moves fast. Stop missing business waiting for your next business networking meeting.
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